The Beginner guide for Discord

If you have never used Discord before, this article is made for you. We’re going to explain all the steps to create and use this tool in the best conditions.

Joining the server of MetaFight, you’ll benefit from many advantages, here is a non-exhaustive list:

  1. We often publish information in preview and exclusive content, like cards visuals or picture from the backstage.
  2. NFT private sales
  3. Giveaways to win MetaFigh T-Shirt/Hoodies, tickets for MMA events and even NFT.
  4. Professional MMA fighters are regularly present on the server, and you can talk directly with them.
  5. The Most committed members will benefit even more advantages.


Part 1: Create a Discord account and edit your profile

Part 2: Join MetaFight Server

Part 3: Security Setup

Part 4: Server Overview

Part 1: Create your Discord account and edit your profile

There are three ways to use Discord: install the mobile app, use the browser version, or install the desktop version. In this guide, we will detail the steps of installing the desktop version because it is the one offering the best experience.

Go to your browser and search for “Discord”, click this link:

Once on the site, you can choose to download Discord or use the browser version. Click “Download for Windows/MAC” to start the download.

Click on the DiscordSetup.exe file, after a few seconds/minutes, the following window should appear.

You will have to click on “Register/Save”.

Now enter your email, a username, which will be visible to everyone, a strong enough password and enter your date of birth. If you get an error message saying that your password is too weak, try lengthening it, adding numbers, special characters and/or capital letters.

Once your account is created, you will arrive at Discord. The orange banner indicates that you must verify your email address. To complete this, click on the link in the email you automatically received from Discord. If you don’t find it, look in your spam or click on “Resend”.

You can quickly customize your profile by clicking on the gear at the bottom left of your screen.

You will arrive at this window, then click on “User Profile”.

Here you can change your profile picture, change your banner color and write a description, which are visible to everyone.

To return to the home page, click on the cross at the top right or press the “escape” key.

Part 2: Join MetaFight Server

To go to on our server, click on the + at the top left.

Then on “Join a server”

Type “metafight” in the input bar, then click on “Join Server”.

You will arrive at this window, and you will receive a message from our robot, which contains some important information.

Click on the blue tick to unlock access to the server. It is a security that prevents malicious robots from entering the server.

Part 3: Important sécurity configuration

As in the screenshot, you should get a message asking you to enable two-factor authentication. It’s not essential, but it‘s much better to protect your Discord account. It is also necessary to be able to become a moderator on many servers. Click on “Resolve”.

Now click on “Enable two-factor authentication” and then enter your password.

Once on the page below, you can set up two-factor authentication with an application like 2FAS AUTH or Google Authenticator.

Finally, you can also activate double authentication using your smartphone. Remember to download your backup codes and print them, but do not store them on your computer. You can then exit the settings.

We urge our members to turn off their private messages, and for a good reason: most scams sent on Discord are sent via private message. They often take the form of a message indicating that a private sale is taking place, or is impersonating a robot. To turn them off, click the checkmark in the top left.

Then, on “Privacy Settings”.

Uncheck the box and click “Done”.

Part 4: Server Overview

On the right side, you can find the server members sorted according to their role: Admin, Community Manager, Moderators, Staff, Guest, MetaFighter Booster, MetaFighters and many others.

On the left, there are all the categories and the channels they contain. If you click on a category, for example “STATS”, you will roll it up or down to gain visibility in the server.

Moreover, in the “STATS” category, we display statistics such as the number of followers, the number of members on the server, the number of people on the Whitelist, etc.

The MetaFight category gathers all the important information about the project:

  1. Announcements: Explanatory texts about the project, about a mechanism or important updates.
  2. Twitter: All of our tweets are automatically posted to this channel.
  3. Official Informations: A summary of official information about the project.
  4. Official Links: The only official links to use.
  5. Contents On Us: Articles, videos, and podcasts that talk about us.
  6. Whitelist Access: How to access our Whitelist i.e. our private sales and other related benefits.
  7. Whitelist: Enter your Ternoa wallet address here when you are whitelisted.

Below, the support category includes the following channels:

  1. The Team: You will find a presentation of the whole team
  2. NFT For Newbies: If you’re new to NFT, you can learn basic NFT vocabulary here.
  3. MMA For Newbies: If you discover the MMA with MetaFight, you can learn the basics here.
  4. Ideas And Feedbacks: Give us your suggestions in this channel, we check it regularly to consider feedback from our community.

The community category facilitates exchange between members by highlighting certain topics, such as cryptocurrencies or upcoming MMA events. By clicking on the “Get your role” channel, you have the possibility to select your centers of interest and your language. This will cause the selected channels to appear in the “Community” and/or “Languages” category.

The Arena category is reserved for members who have obtained the Whitelist role. When you unlock it, you’re able to access a private chat channels and exclusive preview information about the project.

In the “Voices” category, you can join the voice channels “Voice #1”, “Voice #2” and “Radio”, but the “Team” channel is only for members of the MetaFight team. When you click on an audio channel, a sound is emitted to inform you of the success of the connection. By clicking on the microphone symbol, you have the option to mute/unmute your microphone and by clicking on the headset, you will mute the conversation AND your microphone. If you want to leave the call, click on the combine with a cross.

Finally, the “Support & Bots” category brings together the following channels:

  1. Open a Ticket: If you have a problem with the server or have a question, click on this channel, then on the “Open a ticket” button, this will automatically generate a new channel visible only to you and team members.
  2. Bots Commands: To interact with bots on the server, you can type commands like “/invites” to see how many people have joined the server via your invite link (We’ll explain how to generate this link right after ) and “/rank” to see how you are ranked in the server in terms of activity.
  3. Invite Tracker: Whenever someone comes to the server through your personalized link, you will receive a notification on this channel.
  4. Level: Each time you pass a level, you will be notified automatically. To pass levels, you have to send messages.

Bonus: How to Generate a Custom Invite Link

  1. Click on the notch at the top left

2. Click on “Invite People”.

3. Click on “Edit invite link”.

4. For the expiration date, choose “Never” and for the quantity, choose “No limit”. In this way, you have generated an invitation link which will always be valid without limit of number or time. All you have to do is click on generate the link and share it with your friends.

We hope this guide has helped you better understand how Discord works, and we’ll see you right back on our server:



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