ProtoFight Training

ProtoFight Training is back in session!

Are you ready for Round 2? ProtoFight Training is fresh out of the Gym and ready for a fight!

ProtoFight Training is brought to you by MetaFight: The World’s First Fight & Earn.

This is the free demo open to everyone, hosted on Ternoa’s Alphanet, that gives an overview of the first Metafight’s bricks.

Challenge Dates:
Round 1: 03rd August — 13th August
Round 2: 18th August — 28th August
Round 3: 03rd September — 13th September

🔗 Access the G-Doc listing all rewards & winners

Access to the Training: Tutorial Step by Step
Access to the Training : Tutorial Video

A Fresh Look

We’ve improved our graphics and retooled our leagues! We’re busting out the best of what’s new on the MetaFight platform. We received loads of feedback from our initial prototype run. Now, we’re climbing back into the Cage and doubling down on ProtoFight!

Come and see what’s fresh! We’ve unboxed lots of new features you’ll want to explore and experience. Don’t miss out on any of the action! Reserve your spot in the ProtoFight Training today!

What’s New?

Equipment Cards will be available for purchase as from Sale 2
Available for Training as from Round 3.

Equipment Cards! You wouldn’t send your Fighter into the Cage with anything but the best gear, now would you?

Our branded NFT Equipment Cards add a whole new dimension to the fight! Each Card adds a specific bonus multiplier to a Fighter’s striking or grappling. Bring out the best in your Fighters by giving them the gear they need. The better equipped they are, the more points they’ll rack up!

Combining Equipment and Fighter Cards delivers a 1–2 knockout punch to your rivals. Get in here and check them out! Don’t be left empty-handed when the lights go down and the fight begins!

New Leagues, Larger Rewards

With three rounds of matches in five separate leagues, joining is an easy decision. There are plenty of chances for your Fighters to face off and score points for your Gym.

No Fighters? No problem! When you sign in or sign up, you’ll receive eight Test Cards by Airdrop. These Test Cards will work and feel like real Cards but will expire at the end of ProtoFight Training. But, no worries! The Test Cards are everything you’ll need to Fight and Earn in the ProtoFight Training!

Top scores offer top prizes! The best performing Gyms can win a Silver or Bronze MetaPass. These authentic digital passes offer up to twelve months of action and exclusive features for our champions. The MetaPass offers the best value on the MetaFight platform!

High-scoring Gyms can win a Silver or Bronze Fighter or Equipment Card. These Cards are the real deal and can be used both in ProtoFight Challenge and on MetaFight later this year.

Nobody goes home empty-handed, though. Every Gym Manager will win Test Cards for future rounds on the ProtoFight platform. More Fighter Cards mean more chances to win valuable rewards. So, sign up today and start getting your team into shape!

The Marketplace Grand Opening Sale

If you want to pack more punch, stop by the Grand Opening of the MetaFight Marketplace. Before each round, shop from a sizzling selection of NFT Fighter and Equipment Cards.

The Marketplace will open on July 28, 2022. Don’t miss this exclusive sales event! It’s your only chance to pick a specific Card of your choice to add to your team. And once you buy a Fighter or Equipment Card, it’s yours to keep forever. Use it, again and again, to compete, smash, and dominate the competition!

Any card bought on the Marketplace qualifies you to gain access to ProtoFight Challenge.

Check out all the details on our Marketplace Grand Opening here.

How To Join ProtoFight Training

For our returning ProtoFight Training veterans, just log into your account! Your eight test Fighter and Equipment Cards will be airdropped to you immediately. Then, please have a look around at all the new features and graphics in our updated digs.

New to ProtoFight Training? It’s easy to get started! All you need is a will to win and a Ternoa Wallet. It’s available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Once you have your Ternoa wallet, join ProtoFight Training in the DApp section. Or, access the competition on and Fight & Earn with MetaFight!

🔗 Access the G-Doc listing all rewards & winners

MetaFight: The World’s First Fight & Earn.



The World’s First Fight to Earn.

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